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Course Outline for ProTrainings Diabetes Awareness


Before we begin, let's review what will be covered during this training. The course is divided into several categories, each containing a series of videos. You can pause and re-watch any video at any time. Our courses are regularly updated, and you will have access to new or replacement videos as they are released.

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Course Content Overview

You will work through the videos in order. Here is a summary of what will be covered:

1. Introduction to Diabetes

We will start with a brief overview of what diabetes is, followed by some facts, figures, and myths surrounding the condition.

2. The Science of Diabetes

This section covers the science behind diabetes, including why our bodies need sugar to function and what happens when we receive too much or too little sugar.

3. Types of Diabetes

We will delve deeper into the different types of diabetes and explore what happens when things go wrong in the body.

4. Treatment Options

The final section will cover the various treatment options available for diabetes. You will also hear firsthand from someone living with diabetes, sharing their experiences and insights.