Healthy Eating and Exercise

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Nutrition and hydration are important for many different reasons, however those affected by Type 2 Diabetes have to keep an even closer eye on what they take into their body. Because their bodies have become desensitised to glucose, the blood sugar levels will build up, and as such they can now only be removed gradually. This process would either happen just a lot slower than normal, or due to other medications being taken to help this occur, therefore by eating healthily you can aid this process. Try to put a limit on the amount of high sugar and high fat food and drinks you eat. Do not try and go cold turkey and stop eating them straight away, wean yourself off gradually and try and find healthier alternatives that are just as tasty.

Most people think that the main way of maintaining blood glucose levels is by managing food, but they are forgetting that being active also helps to keep blood glucose at a healthy level. Even as little as 2 and a half hours a week will help. This doesn’t even necessarily have to include playing strenuous sports, it can be doing housework, gardening or fast walking; anything to get yourself out of breath. Losing weight will put so much less strain on your body, and will help in many aspects of life. Not only should it lower your cholesterol, but it will also aid getting your blood pressure to as healthy a level as possible.