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Living with Type 2 Diabetes: Di's Personal Story


Hi, I am Di, and I have Type 2 diabetes. I discovered I was prone to diabetes about 30 years ago when I was prediabetic. I noticed I was always tired, so I went to the doctor and we caught it early. Initially, I managed it with diet, but it eventually progressed to diabetes, requiring different treatments.

Daily Management of Type 2 Diabetes

On a daily basis, diabetes doesn't affect me too much. I use two types of injections: exenatide and insulin. I take exenatide in the mornings and evenings with meals, along with various tablets. Before bed, I take an insulin shot.

Diet and Lifestyle

I admit, I am not as good at controlling my diet as I should be. My head knows what to do, but my heart sometimes gives in to temptation. Fortunately, occasional indulgences don't impact me significantly, though I might need a bit more insulin at night to balance my blood sugar levels.

Planning for Outings

When going out for the day, I plan my injections and tablets accordingly. I carry my second dose of exenatide and ensure I have what I need for my evening meal. It's a matter of finding a private spot to take my injection. Keeping my blood sugar levels stable means I don't need to carry extra supplies like glucose tablets, as I can usually find a chocolate bar if needed.

Handling High and Low Blood Sugar

When my blood sugar is low, I experience shakes and inner tremors. If it goes high, I get a very dry mouth. Immediate action is crucial to manage these symptoms. If my blood sugar remains high despite my efforts, I would seek medical assistance.

Dietary Choices

For breakfast, I prefer slow-release sugars like porridge. If needed, I have a banana mid-morning. I'm fortunate that my diabetes is manageable. I can generally eat what I want in moderation and deal with any consequences afterward.

Monitoring and Reviews

To manage my diabetes, I attend regular reviews. Initially every three months, now annually. This includes a full blood test, foot examination, weight check, and blood pressure monitoring. If my results aren't ideal, they might suggest a course, but I haven't needed that yet.

Understanding from Others

People often tell me what I can't have, like certain foods or drinks. However, I know my limits and manage accordingly. Living with diabetes for over 30 years, I've learned to control it so it doesn't significantly affect my lifestyle.