Insulin Injections

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Insulin injections are used by some people with diabetes to inject insulin under the skin, or subcutaneously. The injection should not go into a muscle or a vein as this will affect how it is absorbed into the body. There are three main sites where you can inject, which are the stomach, buttocks and thighs, but sometimes other places such as the arms are suggested by the GP or diabetic specialists. It is important to rotate injection sites as each of them covers a wide range of skin and in some cases, instead of regular insulin injections the person can have insulin pump therapy, which negates the need for injections as it allows for a continuous flow of insulin into the bloodstream.

Those with Type 1 diabetes have to have their blood glucose levels monitored by either a GP or Diabetes care team member periodically. This is to see if the levels of insulin injected are correct, or need to be changed.